About Us


Brent Williams
Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Experienced Financial Advisor with Life Insurance, Risk management, and Investment Experience.  Passionate about helping organizations think "Beneficiary First" with their processes. A speaker and educator with a desire for sharing and collaborating with others.  

Jason Dively

Jason Dively

Experienced Sales Professional with a Public Service and Large Industrial Sales.  Passionate about helping organizations finding the right solutions for digital transformation.  


Soven Shrivastav
Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Experienced Solutions Architect serving various industries. Passionate about architecting solutions resulting in organization improvements, client satisfaction, and positive revenue impacts. 


Bobbie Shrivastav
Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer

Experienced Technologist and Operations Consultant with Financial Services and Technology industries.  Passionate about helping organizations weather the paper storm with the process and digital transformation.



Suku Radia
CEO and President at Bankers Trust. Board Member for Workiva and Nationwide.


Darin Brannan
CEO at ClearData. Experienced in taking organizations public, including Web.com and many others.


Brian Casey
Partner at Locke Lord and Co-Chair of Regulatory and Transactions Insurance Group. Named as one of top 100 most influential people in the insurance industry.