Is your policy holder information accurate? Has your company ever paid an "ex-spouse"? Make sure this doesn't happen any more! We have ongoing tracking and updating of policy holder information to solve this issue.


Policy Information is Filtered

The Benekiva platform utilizes multiple sources of information. This information is processed through our artificial intelligence (A.I.) rules engine to determine inaccuracies. 


Policyholders Are Notified

Inaccurate information is updated by communicating directly with the policy holder via email or SMS text messaging. The Benekiva platform does this with our white labeled solution so your policy holders feel like they are communicating with their trusted carrier. 

We also have the capabilities to create and send letters. We also offer a call center platform if our clients want to complete their updates with these other forms of communication. 


Collected Information is Processed and Updated

The Benekiva platform communicates with "legacy" systems. Updated data is pushed to the legacy system and and inaccurate data is reduced over time. 

We also have the ability to utilize our Benekiva platform to create a closer bond between carrier and policy holder. For example, you can use our platform to send birthday messages with a gift card. You can congratulate your policy holders on anniversaries, send them special offers, discounts, or share a new product offering.

The marketing options are endless. The Benekiva platform is built to be configurable to whatever you desire. 

Want a demo?

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