Does your company have an agent or advisor salesforce? Do you have licensed call center representatives? Would you like to retain assets, present your products and services to a warm lead, and add a relationship that was built on an old relationship? Now you can utilize your claims process as a revenue driver, increase efficiencies, and deliver a better customer and advisor experience!

Old Process:

  1. Claim process is initiated by the beneficiary.

  2. Claim packet is mailed to the beneficiary to complete.

  3. Beneficiary completes claims packet, includes any necessary documents and mails it back to the company.

  4. Insurance company receives the claim and initiates their internal claims process. More documents or verifications will likely be needed. Those requests are sent to the beneficiary.

  5. Beneficiary completes additional needs.

  6. Insurance company verifies and completes the claims process.

  7. Check is mailed to the beneficiary.

  8. Check is then deposited into the bank of the beneficiary.

New Process – Claims Automation

  1. Beneficiary initiates and completes the claims process on a digital platform that has all the documents pre-filled for their convenience. The platform allows them to use their mobile device to scan and upload any additional documents that are needed by the company. And the platform looks and feels like they are working directly with the life insurance company.

  2. Insurance company receives all documents completed and signed. All documents and correspondence are associated with the correct claim in real time.

  3. Insurance company verifies and completes the claims process - all on a digital platform.

Turning Claims into a revenue driver!

  • Company electronically notifies and loops the financial advisor, certified agent, or licensed call center employee into the claims process.

  • A new relationship is built and continues on an old relationship.

  • Company electronically sends a pre-filled account opening forms and asks you, the advisor - to reach out to the beneficiaries and help them through this process.

Win/Win/Win – Beneficiary can maximize the claim amount by investing; Financial advisor has a new relationship to help; Company continues to deliver on the mission to help people with secured future.



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