Implement a bridge to next-generation claims, exceptional servicing and asset retention.

Benekiva’s innovative solutions simplify the complex and time-consuming process of managing claims and servicing policies for insurance carriers. Our Claims Management and Servicing Platform Solutions integrate with any legacy, PAS, or TPA system, automate formerly manual processes, and offer advanced analytics and data utilization to deliver a hyper-personalized end-user experience. Powered by our proprietary Data Configurator and Innovation Gateway, Benekiva’s next generation claims, and exceptional servicing platforms can facilitate a complete end-to-end servicing and claims experience, and everything in between.

Whether you’re looking to streamline your claims process, improve your servicing operations, or enhance customer experience, Benekiva is here to help.

Benekiva Claims

From FNOL to claim disbursement, the Benekiva platform delivers a next-generation claims experience for beneficiaries and associates anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

Benekiva Servicing

Benekiva enables 24/7 customer-centric accessibility with white-labeled, self-service features, an intuitive platform, real-time payment processing, and data-driven forms and workflows.

Benekiva Asset Retention

Benekiva’s rules-based, reflexive technology and e-app enables the claims process to be a revenue driver by turning beneficiaries into new business prospects.
One Client Now Transacts 20% of its Requests Outside of Traditional Business Hours
One Client Reduced Claims and Servicing Call Volumes Resulting in Over $400,000 Saved and 1 million Minutes Reallocated to More Complex Projects
One Client Saw Claims Efficiencies, Staff Capacity, Policy Issue Counts and Claims Processed Volumes Increase by 40% with Benekiva


Benekiva is a leading provider of SaaS technologies that optimize and transform the claims and servicing operations within some of the most trusted life and annuity insurance companies. Whether a carrier is looking to make short-term efficiencies or implement an end-to-end, straight-through processing transformation, our solutions are scalable.

Benekiva enables business to happen anywhere, anytime, and from any device. From policy activation to First Notice of Loss to claim disbursement, our solutions modernize the way claims and policy servicing functions happen. We implement frictionless transitions and deliver exceptional experiences for associates, policyholders, and beneficiaries.

With Benekiva as a partner, carriers become efficiently positioned for future innovation.

Benekiva's collaborative implementation strategies, propel claims and servicing into the 21st century.

Automate Manual Processes

Anywhere, anytime, and multi-device access

Next-Gen insurance claims automation

Efficient Policy Issuing and Servicing

Asset Retention Enablement

Employee Satisfaction and Reduced Training Times

Claims digitization supports new business

Intelligent claims automation platform thorough assessment process

Flexible claims automation system

Eliminates NIGO 'Not In Good Order'

No Custom Code Required!

Crawl, Walk, and Run Insurtech

Eliminates NIGO 'Not In Good Order'

Customizable rules-based workflows

100% Secure claim management software

Eliminate Legacy Insurtech software solution

Rules-based workflows