By Brent Williams, Founder and CEO, Benekiva
And by David Shively, COO, Equisoft

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a Formula 1 race alongside my good friend and colleague, Dave, who is the COO of Equisoft. Beyond our professional ties, Dave and I share a common passion for innovation and a shared commitment to revolutionizing the insurance industry…as well as one for F1 racing!

As we settled into the stands, the scent of rubber on the track and the deafening roar of Formula 1 engines filled the air. The sleek race cars darted around the circuit with astonishing precision and speed, leaving Dave and me in awe of the sheer spectacle of it all.

F1 racing

But what began as a day of leisurely fun soon evolved into something more profound. As we watched the teams of talented drivers, engineers, and technicians in action, working in perfect harmony with cutting-edge technology, we found ourselves drawn into a thought-provoking conversation about the striking parallels between Formula 1 racing and our roles in the insurance industry.

Brent’s Perspective:

From my perspective, as a former insurance agent turned insurtech founder, the connection between racing and insurance was evident. “It’s incredible how these teams coordinate everything – the technology, the data, the human expertise – to deliver peak performance on the track. It’s a lot like what we’re striving for in our industry,” I remarked.
Dave, a leader at Equisoft Solutions, nodded in agreement. “Absolutely,” he said, “F1 teams work as one cohesive unit; our partnership isn’t just about being vendors to carriers. It’s a relationship that holds the potential to transform the insurance landscape. Our work mirrors a lot of what we’re witnessing here.”

Dave’s Perspective:

“When you watch an F1 team change tires during a pit stop in under 2 seconds it’s amazing. It takes 25 people, each with a very specific role in the process. Each one is an expert – with thousands of hours of experience. 

“Similarly, our teams are made up of individual experts in their field, who collaborate seamlessly to transform the insurance landscape. And, like those F1 teams, we are constantly analyzing and perfecting every step in our processes.”

Our conversation unfolded amidst the roar of engines, and it became clear that our recent adventure was more than just a bucket list experience—it was an epiphany. We drew the connection between the different worlds. The principles of teamwork, innovation, trust, data integration, analytics, and the continuous improvement that powered Formula 1 racing to greatness also drives our long-term partnership to modernize the insurance industry.

As the race cars continued to blitz around the circuit, Dave and I knew we were onto something significant. Our conversation was not just about enjoying a day at the races; it was about envisioning a future where insurance claims management and operations would be elevated to the same level of excellence, teamwork, and innovation that we had witnessed on the Formula 1 track.

In this blog, we invite you to join Dave and me as we explore the valuable lessons we’ve learned from Formula 1 racing and how these lessons can revolutionize how software and solutions providers work together to better our industry and carrier clients. It’s a journey of discovery, innovation, and the unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional outcomes for all stakeholders. So, fasten your seatbelts, and let’s dive into the parallels between the thrilling world of Formula 1 and the dynamic realm of insurance claims management.

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 uncovering parallels between F1 racing and insurance

Lesson 1: Delivering WOW – Exceptional Outcomes for All Stakeholders

In Formula 1 racing, delivering WOW means thrilling fans with extraordinary races. Similarly, insurance claims management or transformation translates to going the extra mile to ensure that policyholders, beneficiaries, claims/servicing team members, and other third parties involved are impressed by our commitment to exceptional service.

Brent’s Perspective:

As a former advisor, I understand the importance of delivering excellent customer experiences. This is where I learned that the claims process is a customer experience issue. I felt the industry needed to offer the Amazon-type clams experience for all parties involved in the process. While this is easy to say, executing on that promise was a difficult task that involved lots of collaboration with many folks. This involves using cutting-edge technology to streamline claims processes, reduce delays, and provide a human touch where necessary. With this approach, we can create memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression. At Benekiva, we hold our core value of “deliver WOW” in high regard, and our team is dedicated to living this value in every interaction.

Dave’s Perspective:

“Similar to how F1 teams analyze data to perfect every element of their performance, we leverage it to optimize every element of the customer experience. From sales to servicing to claims, our goal is to ensure our solutions seamlessly meet customer requirements and surpass expectations throughout the policy lifecycle. Just like racing teams fine-tune every aspect of the car and the driver’s interaction, we analyze and refine every customer touchpoint with our solutions.

Lesson 2: Teamwork – Collaborative Excellence

Formula 1 teams are renowned for their collaborative excellence, where every team member, from engineers to drivers, plays a pivotal role in achieving victory. This teamwork is mirrored in the insurance industry, where collective efforts drive success.

Brent’s Perspective:

In my experience, it is crucial to create an environment where every individual’s contributions are valued, heard, and evaluated. This collaborative process allows us to progress together, learn from each other’s expertise, and continuously refine our processes to better meet our customers’ evolving needs. When people commonly talk about teams or sports, they usually refer to “win or lose”. While that may be true for scoring in sports, I believe that every loss also presents an opportunity for growth and learning.

The only way you get better is to be truly honest with your team’s performance and identify areas that can be improved.  At Benekiva we think like this: We WIN together or LEARN together; there is no loss…

Dave’s Perspective:

“I can attest to the importance of teamwork. It’s crucial to create an environment where team members feel valued and are provided with the opportunity to learn and grow. When team members understand the importance of their roles in the larger process, it fosters a sense of ownership and accountability. It’s truly amazing how our teams work as one cohesive unit, just like F1 teams, where hundreds of specialized staff working in design, aerodynamics, the engine department, etc. come together to create the best cars on the planet.

Lesson 3: Building Trust – The Foundation of Success

In both Formula 1 and insurance, trust is the cornerstone of success. In Formula 1, trust is vital between the driver and their team, as well as in the technology that powers the race. Similarly, in the insurance industry, building trust is equally paramount.

Brent’s Perspective:

In both domains, building trust is crucial. Customers believe we have their best interests at heart when we ensure transparency and collaboration in our deliveries, product offerings, and provide clear communication while delivering on our promises. Admitting our mistakes, making adjustments, and being open about the situation is essential when things don’t go perfectly. At Benekiva, we don’t consider ourselves as vendors to our clients but rather partners. We understand that it takes 20 years to build a reputation and only five minutes to ruin it, as Warren Buffet once said. I always say that Benekiva is not just a vendor for our insurers, but rather a partner. If Benekiva becomes a vendor in their eyes, trust is lost.

Dave’s Perspective:

“Our reputation is built on trust. Trust is not only earned but also maintained through consistent and ethical business practices. Just like a driver must have unwavering faith in their car when cornering at more than 150 mph, our customer’s trust in our people and solutions is vital. Because, even with the best platform, or best car, challenges can arise. In those moments, what truly matters is having a trusted partner who has proven they will always rally around the problem and solve it quickly.

Lesson 4: Embracing Ongoing Innovation – The Key to Sustained Success

Formula 1 teams know that achieving consistent excellence requires more than just a one-time effort—it demands ongoing innovation. Similarly, insurance companies need to continually evolve in order to serve their policyholders, beneficiaries, team members, and maintain their reputations.

Brent’s Perspective:

We recognize the vital importance of continuous innovation in maintaining a competitive edge. Much like Formula 1 teams rely on dedicated experts to assess new technologies, we have a team of skilled professionals dedicated to evaluating the advantages of implementing or upgrading our claims platform. This ongoing commitment to innovation streamlines our carriers’ operations and ensures that we deliver the finest possible claims platform and user experience to our customers. Our goal is to prevent our technology from becoming outdated, which is why we regularly release monthly updates to enhance the platform continually. We refer to this process as our “Voice of the Customer” innovations roadmap. We pledge that the Benekiva platform you acquire today will not be the same as the one you’ll have tomorrow.

I was asked in an interview once, “Brent, when will the Benekiva platform be complete?” to which I replied, “it won’t ever be complete. We want to consistently improve the platform and remain the best claims solution in the world.”

Dave’s Perspective:

“We understand that staying at the forefront of technological advancement is crucial. Just as Formula 1 teams have dedicated experts evaluating data and new technologies, we have teams of experts constantly working on innovating our product offerings. However, embracing innovation is not just about staying ahead of the curve; it’s about effectively applying these technologies to solve business needs. What sets us apart is our understanding of the desired business improvements, and our ability to apply strategy and technology to meet those real business needs.”


Brent Williams

Benekiva Founder and CEO

David Shively

COO, Equisoft

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