As someone who has experienced firsthand the frustrations and inefficiencies in the claims landscape, I understand the emotional and financial strain these issues place on beneficiaries. This understanding fueled my determination to create Benekiva, a technology platform designed to automate and streamline the insurance claims process, making it more efficient, transparent, and compassionate.

The Pain of Today’s Claims Management

My journey began with a personal experience: a significant delay in processing a life insurance claim after a loved one passed away. This delay added stress and frustration during an already difficult time. Determined to change this, I founded Benekiva with a clear mission to transform the claims experience for both insurers and beneficiaries.

I recall a family who waited nearly three months for a claim to be processed, causing severe financial strain and emotional distress. This experience highlighted the urgent need for a solution that could expedite the claims process and provide better support to beneficiaries during their time of need.

Unclaimed Property and Escheatment

The realization that 1-2% of benefits go unclaimed each year, resulting in millions of dollars being turned over to state governments, was a significant motivator for me. This process creates additional administrative burdens and compliance challenges that Benekiva aims to eliminate. Furthermore, funds are often transferred to states after 1-5 years of inactivity, adding significant costs and legal complexities that need to be addressed efficiently​ (​.

High Volume and Processing Delays

Over 1 million life insurance claims are filed annually, with a typical processing cycle of 45 days. Unfortunately, 20% of these claims face significant delays. Witnessing these delays firsthand and understanding the impact on customer satisfaction—which drops by 30% due to delayed claims—underscored the need for a more efficient system.

Financial Impact

Insurance carriers pay millions annually in interest due to delays in claim processing. This financial burden, coupled with the operational inefficiencies, drives the necessity for a platform like Benekiva, which can streamline processes and reduce these unnecessary costs.

Electronic Claims

Adopting electronic claims filing can reduce waiting times by 10-20%, and 80% of claims are typically paid within 30-60 days. However, contestable claims can take up to two years to resolve due to policy investigations. This inefficiency was another critical factor that influenced the development of Benekiva, aiming to make electronic filing the standard and further expedite claim resolutions.

Processing Delays

Common causes of processing delays include incomplete paperwork, insufficient documentation, and verification issues. By integrating automation and AI, Benekiva addresses these pain points directly, ensuring that claims are processed accurately and swiftly.

The Holy Grail for Carriers

For insurance carriers, the true holy grail lies in transforming claims expenses into opportunities for asset retention. By providing a positive claims experience, insurers can not only improve customer satisfaction but also create strategies to retain assets and potentially generate new business. This all begins though, by delivering a positive claims experience to create generational loyalty.

Leveraging Technology for the Future

Insurtech holds immense potential to solve current problems and support carrier growth in the future. Here’s how:
Automation and AI: Automating tasks like claims analysis, fraud detection, and customer support can significantly reduce costs and improve accuracy.

  • Data and Analytics: Leveraging data from various sources can help predict customer behavior, tailor products, and mitigate risks.
  • Customer Engagement: Digital platforms and mobile apps enhance the customer experience by providing convenient and accessible ways to manage claims.
  • Innovation and Collaboration: Fostering a culture of innovation and collaborating with tech firms can lead to more integrated and efficient claims management solutions.

Humanomation: Balancing Automation and Human Touch

At Benekiva, we understand that different beneficiaries have different preferences. Some beneficiaries prefer to deal with a person, while others might want a completely automated experience if possible. We call this balance Humanomation. It’s about integrating human interaction with automated processes to provide the best possible customer service. By doing so, we ensure that every beneficiary feels valued and supported, no matter their preference.

Challenges and Risks

While insurtech offers numerous benefits, it also presents challenges and risks that need to be addressed:

  • Data Quality and Security: Ensuring data is collected, stored, and used responsibly.
  • Investment and Change Management: Significant investment in technology and managing organizational change.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Keeping up with evolving regulations and ensuring compliance.


Insurtech, as envisioned by Benekiva, is revolutionizing claims management by automating processes, leveraging data and analytics, enhancing customer engagement, and fostering innovation. These advancements not only reduce costs but also improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the claims management process. However, insurers must navigate the challenges and risks associated with these technologies to fully realize their potential. As insurtech continues to evolve, its impact on the insurance industry will only grow, paving the way for more streamlined, cost-effective, and customer-centric claims management.

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