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Benekiva delivers configurable technologies to transform the end-to-end claims and servicing experience. 


Benekiva’s SaaS platform was built with a beneficiary-first mindset. Today, it facilitates anywhere, anytime, any device accessibility for EVERYONE involved in the claims and servicing process. Benekiva’s configurable platform gives claimants, policyholders, associates, and agents access to all things claims- or policy-related through an omnichannel approach, while giving carriers the ability to process claims around the clock.

Benekiva is the only technology solution that delivers straight-through, next-generation claims and policy servicing transformations, with asset retention enablement. And because integrating with Benekiva doesn’t require custom code, carriers can implement quickly and manage ongoing updates with minimal need for IT resources. With Benekiva solutions, insurers create operational efficiencies and reduce expenses, so funds and talent are allocated to growth projects.


Brent Williams


Chief Executive Officer

Bobbie Shrivastav


Chief Operating Officer

Soven Shrivastav


Chief Technology Officer


Nick Gerhart

Chief Innovation Officer

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Steven Shaffer

President, CEO

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Implement a bridge to next generation claims and exceptional servicing, with Benekiva as your partner

Brent Williams

Founder Chief Executive Officer

Brent Williams is the Founder and CEO of Benekiva, a configurable SaaS technology platform that transforms the end-to-end life claims and servicing experience. He is responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations for the company. Brent Williams was a trusted Financial Advisor where he built, grew, and managed a successful Financial Services Practice. Brent is an experienced Financial Advisor with Life Insurance, Risk Management, and Investment expertise. Brent Williams is a father, speaker, educator, thought leader, and writer with a passion for sharing what he has learned. His mission is to provide innovation in the insurance industry with a “beneficiary first” mindset and digital transformation and claims transformation technology. Brent is passionate about helping organizations think “Beneficiary First” with their processes and customer experiences. Brent’s determination and commitment to innovation, his customer-centric approach, and thoughtful leadership of industry-evolving solutions have earned him the reputation as an industry leader.

Benekiva uses technology to solve specific problems within the life and annuity industry while providing a beautiful customer experience in the form of a 100 percent rules-driven digital claims process. They also offer a customer servicing platform to tackle the day-to-day servicing processes on policies. The customer servicing and claims platform allow these processes to be completed anywhere, anytime, and on any device for the policyholders/beneficiaries, the internal claims/customer servicing staff, Agents/Advisors, and other third parties of the carriers. 
 Williams brings more than 18 years of experience in insurance and financial services consulting to his position, focusing on digital transformation and the insurance world’s disruption through consumer engagement, experience, and technology. He recently accepted mentorship positions at both MIT and Drake University where he will advise and guide VMS students on their entrepreneurial journeys.

Throughout his career, he has always emphasized the importance of building strong relationships and creating a collaborative approach between the software provider/client to ensure project success. He has a proven track record of building and managing driven teams, managing successful vendor relationships, and leading organizations to deliver “WOW” to customers or clients.

Before founding Benekiva, Williams held senior leadership positions and built a successful Financial Advisory Firm. Before working in the financial field, he launched, owned, and operated a series of automotive repair facilities, where he completed successful exits. He served as a police officer and as a college instructor at three separate colleges.

Williams is a graduate of Simpson College, where he received a degree in Business Administration and Management. He held ChFC designation from the American College of Financial Services.

Bobbie Shrivastav

Co-Founder Chief Product Officer

Bobbie Shrivastav is an award-winning serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, technology innovator, and digital transformation expert. She is passionate about helping organizations modernize legacy processes through digital disruption, re-engineering, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Her expertise in information technology and experience leading successful enterprise-level initiatives spans nearly two decades.

Presently, she is the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Benekiva, a software company where she leads the product development, customer care, and delivery of transformational technology solutions to help modernize the insurance industry. Bobbie’s unwavering commitment to innovation, her customer-centric approach and thoughtful development of industry-evolving solutions have earned her the reputation as an industry leader.

Prior to Benekiva, Shrivastav has been in senior leadership roles with organizations such as Pepsico, division of AIG – United Guaranty, and AON where she led several large-scale multi-million-dollar, enterprise-level transformation initiatives from system integration and conversions of over 20 to 30 systems to replacing legacy systems, including mainframe to modern ERP solutions. When she was with the Center for Creative Leadership, she led the innovation efforts of transforming a heavy paper-based and legacy solutions to digital enablement with a focus on the customer experience. She isn’t a new face to the entrepreneurship community as she has founded several companies and plays an advisor role to many startups globally.

Bobbie thrives on solving real problems through immaculate product development and delivering solutions for complex situations in an agile manner. She is determined to “kick some glass” within the insurtech industry, and deliver cutting-edge, disruptive solutions with the highest level of character, analytic oversight, and creative instinct. She is instrumental in Benekiva’s evolution to become the only technology solution on the market that delivers straight-through, next-generation claims and policy servicing transformations, with asset retention enablement.

Shrivastav earned her MBA from Wake Forest University, a Master’s degree in Project Management from Western Carolina University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Information 
Systems and Marketing from Appalachian State University. She has numerous project management certifications from the Project Management Institute (PMI) and Scrum Alliance. She has won numerous awards as a technology leader and several innovation awards.

Soven Shrivastav

Co-Founder Chief Technology Officer

Soven Shrivistav is Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer for Benekiva, a configurable SaaS technology platform that transforms the end-to-end life claims and servicing experience. Soven leads Benekiva’s technology initiatives and oversees the company’s on•and off-shore teams.

Soven was instrumental in Benekiva’s evolution to become the only technology solution on the market that delivers straight-through, next-generation claims and policy servicing transformations, with asset retention enablement, backed by rules-based automation, configurable API and accessible integration. From policy activation to beneficiary payout, business can be conducted anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Before Benekiva, Shrivistav was CTO and Co-Founder of Docsmore, where he architected a platform aimed to streamline the document-filling process. As a powerhouse innovator and Principal with Sovbob Consulting, Soven, created a new HTML5 application for NASA that migrated legacy desktop engineering design and drawing tools into the Web forefront. He accomplished this using cutting edge technologies such as NodeJS, Mongodb, Hadoop, AngularJS, HTML5 Canvas, Bootstrap, KnockoutJS, KendoUI, Jenkins CI, BackboneJS and, Draw2d JS library.
 Before shifting to an entrepreneurial tract, Soven was a Senior Software Developer/Architect for Cognitive Medical Systems and Aon Consulting. Earlier in his career, he held Developer roles at Wells Fargo, SouthData, and the Jacobson Companies.

Soven architected Benekiva’s product-agnostic, rules-based, SaaS platform to transform disparate and outdated, process/systems into a single claims processing platform. Benekiva’s leading-edge software connects to any legacy, out-of-the-box, third-party or custom-built policy administration system to provide seamless integration, enhanced customer experience, and turns the claims process into a revenue generator.

Soven and his team developed Benekiva’s configurable Rules-based Engine to drive multiple workflows within the platform, able to support each carrier’s unique needs. The cloud-based technology delivers enhanced customer engagement through a simple and convenient self-service customer portal letting associates focus on more complex items. Associates and end-customers have “anytime, anywhere, any device” platform access so business can be conducted after hours, more efficiently and securely.

Shrivistav thrives on creating order out of chaos by inventing and delivering solutions to complex situations. He is on a mission to bring cutting edge technologies to the forefront of every project he takes on and he does so with the highest levels of integrity, technical expertise and instinct. Soven is a 2004 graduate of Drake University, where he received a degree in Computer Science.