Des Moines, Iowa, July 21, 2023 – Benekiva, a leading provider of insurtech solutions, proudly announces the launch of Portal360, a groundbreaking product designed to redefine the way insurers can interact with their stakeholders, collaborate, and streamline their operations, ushering in a new era of efficiency and customer-centricity.

Portal360, powered by Benekiva’s industry-leading technology, is a cloud-based, configurable hub that provides claimants and stakeholders with a localized area to access notifications, statements, correspondence, and complete transactions, all within a dashboard view. This powerful platform, tailored to user activities and actions defined by the insurer, allows stakeholders as an example to securely upload required documentation, set up electronic funds transfers (EFT), update contact information, and engage in real-time discussion with an associate, and more – all without ever leaving the intuitive Portal360 interface.

“We are excited to introduce Portal360 to the market,” said Bobbie Shrivastav, Co-Founder and COO of Benekiva. “It exemplifies our unwavering commitment to develop products to meet the unique needs of our clients. Portal360 was fueled by use cases resulting from the launch of our Intake360 offering in 2020. This powerful new product empowers insurers with technology that enhances the efficiency and accuracy of beneficiary claim processes.”

In addition, Portal360 extends its functionality to accommodate any third-party stakeholders, including physicians and long-term care facilities, enabling them to securely collect information for claimants. Agents can leverage the platform to better serve their clients, efficiently manage claim requests, and seamlessly receive correspondence and statements. Benekiva’s Portal360 drives an elevated user experience while optimizing overall claims and service management efficiencies, streamlining workflows for carriers.

Portal360’s user-friendly interface and configurable nature enable insurers to tailor the platform to their unique business rules and requirements, ensuring a seamless integration into their existing systems. With Benekiva’s proprietary Data Configurator and Innovation Gateway architecture, carriers can effortlessly connect Portal360 to their legacy systems, policy administration systems, or third-party administrators (TPAs), simplifying data exchange and maximizing the value of their existing infrastructure.

“Portal360 represents a significant leap forward in beneficiary claim processes. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive functionality, we are empowering insurers to streamline operations and deliver an exceptional user experience from start to finish”

said Brent Williams, Founder and CEO at Benekiva

Benekiva continues to lead the charge in revolutionizing insurance claims operations, providing cutting-edge solutions that drive digital transformation and deliver exceptional value to carriers of all sizes.

According to Soven Shrivastav, Co-Founder and CTO

“By seamlessly integrating into existing systems and serving as a vital component of a comprehensive platform solution, Portal360 empowers insurers to effect immediate and impactful change in beneficiary claims processes. It’s easy integration capabilities ensure a smooth transition, enabling carriers to enhance without disruption.”

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