SnapRefund and Benekiva are excited to officially unveil their partnership, heralding a new era in the seamless processing and management of insurance claims. This collaboration marries SnapRefund’s leading-edge digital payment solutions with Benekiva’s pioneering claim management software, along with the Benekiva Data Configurator and Innovation Gateway to provide multiple payment options, creating an unparalleled ecosystem for insurance carriers and claimants alike.

SnapRefund, known for its innovative approach to simplifying the insurance payout process through its ClaimsSnap technology, has joined forces with Benekiva, a powerful company in the claims management solution sphere. This partnership is poised to address the entire spectrum of the insurance claim process, from initiation through to final payout, establishing a benchmark in digital efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Bobbie Shrivastav, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Benekiva, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration:

“We’re proud to announce our collaboration with SnapRefund and their innovative ClaimsSnap product, aligning our shared commitment to revolutionizing the digital landscape of insurance claims. Benekiva’s platform digitizes every step of the claims process, from intake to payout, empowering carriers to offer seamless digital payment solutions to claimants. With our integration, we’re bridging the gap between traditional insurance practices and modern customer expectations, ushering in a new era of efficiency and convenience in claim processing.”

Echoing the sentiment, Cody Eddings, CEO of SnapRefund, outlined the transformative potential of this partnership:

“We are thrilled to announce our groundbreaking partnership with Benekiva. SnapRefund’s value in the insurance space has long been to digitize the claims payment process for insurers thanks to the innovation of our flagship product: ClaimsSnap. Our teams have worked closely to create a seamless integration between the Benekiva and ClaimsSnap platforms from the ground up, making it very easy for our mutual clients to leverage the strengths of Benekiva’s claims management system in tandem with the ClaimsSnap payment platform. Together, our partnership allows carriers to meet claimants wherever they are, all while gaining useful insights and employing vastly streamlined workflows. The future is certainly bright.”

About Benekiva:

Benekiva’s SaaS technologies seamlessly connect to any legacy, out-of-the-box, or custom-built policy management system to provide a collaborative and automated single claims platform. From intake to payout, and everything in between, Benekiva can become the claims solution for your entire product portfolio including life, annuity, long-term care, and disability products. Benekiva works closely with stakeholders to create a scalable plan using our crawl, walk, run implementation methodology so carriers can begin realizing the value of their investment within weeks, not months or years.

About SnapRefund:

SnapRefund is at the forefront of digital payment solutions in the insurance sector, offering the ClaimsSnap platform that allows insurers to send claim payments with unparalleled ease, employing automation and analytics to elevate operational efficiency and enhance policyholder retention. SnapRefund is committed to financially empowering individuals & businesses and providing them with more control over their finances.

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