[Des Moines, IA, and New York,  NY  – November 9, 2022]
Benekiva, a SaaS company whose platform is delivering next-generation claims, exceptional servicing, and asset retention solutions to help insurance claimants become prospects and Empathy, a platform helping families navigate the emotional and logistical challenges of loss, today announced a partnership Together, the two companies will equip insurance carriers with the technologies and services needed to ensure beneficiaries receive the comprehensive support they deserve. 

Empathy and Benekiva provide unique solutions for insurance companies seeking to better support their beneficiaries. Benekiva’s claims platform provides beneficiaries with an efficient, omni-channel experience through user-friendly, modern interfaces. They can initiate their claim anywhere, anytime, and from any device. Empathy extends that support for beneficiaries past the claims process, helping families wind down affairs with full administrative assistance, such as help with funeral planning, navigating probate, and closing accounts, as well as emotional support, like on-demand grief counseling and guidance for returning to work. 

“We’re proud to partner with a top-notch service provider like Empathy, a company that shares our commitment and goals,” said Brent Williams, Founder, CEO & President of Benekiva. “Benekiva is on a mission to create the claims platform of choice for insurance companies with a beneficiary-first mindset, elevating the claims experience for all involved. Our technology and configurable platform enable claimants to regain a sense of control so simple claims are paid in days, not weeks. We share Empathy’s goal of meeting people where they are so they can focus on what’s really important.” 

“The true financial and mental costs of loss have for too long been insufficiently addressed by existing systems, and we can do more as a society to change that,” said Ron Gura, Co-Founder & CEO of Empathy. “Like Empathy, Benekiva is an innovative tech company striving to provide insurers with the services needed to smooth age-old processes and make them more consumer friendly. By working with both of us, insurance carriers will have all of the tools they need to elevate the beneficiary experience beyond a financial payout.” 

As the two companies considered a partnership, they saw potential symmetries between their end-goals. The Empathy application is designed to help families navigate the logistical aspects of bereavement, including documentation, funeral, or memorial arrangements, validating a will, and other concerns. Benekiva’s configurable rules-based, reflexive technology strives to facilitates an exceptional experience during and after the claim is paid, making claims a revenue driver. “The beauty of this partnership is that carriers can incorporate unique value-add services and provide an automated, exceptional experience that creates loyalty and increases the potential of beneficiaries becoming clients.

About Benekiva 
Benekiva’s SaaS platform was built with a beneficiary-first mindset. Today it facilitates anywhere, anytime, any device accessibility for EVERYONE involved in the claims and servicing process. Benekiva’s configurable platform gives claimants, policyholders, associates, and agents access to all things “claims- or policy-related” through an “omni-channel” approach, while giving carriers the ability to process claims around the clock.

Benekiva is the only technology solution that delivers straight-through, next-generation claims and policy servicing transformations, with asset retention enablement. And because integrating with Benekiva doesn’t require custom code, carriers can implement quickly and manage ongoing updates with minimal need for IT resources. With Benekiva technologies, insurers create operational efficiencies and reduce expenses, so funds and talent are allocated to growth projects. The company is headquartered in West Des Moines, Iowa, with a satellite division in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. www.benekiva.com

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 About Empathy
Empathy’s mission is to help families deal with loss, incorporating both emotional and logistical support for the families in their time of need. Powered by technology and driven by purpose, the award-winning Empathy platform simplifies and streamlines end-of-life bureaucracy with personalized plans and grief support. Headquartered in New York, Empathy partners with organizations across industries, including Fortune 100 companies, HR benefit providers, insurers, hospice care, and more, to reach as many bereaved families as possible in their time of need. To learn more visit us at empathy.com. 

 Empathy Media Contact|
Garrett Krivicich
+1 786 233 7684m

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