• On May 9, 2023
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Discussion About Industry Challenges Facing Dental And Vision Insurance

Brent and Jeff delve into the challenges and changes the insurance service industry will experience in the next five years, particularly dental and vision, while emphasizing the importance of educating employees about dental and vision care, challenging regulatory constraints to serve customers better, and creating direct relationships with members through digital communication.

You should know the differences between dental insurance and other product types and how carriers should shift their mindset from selling products to improving outcomes through digital technology.

Additionally, Brent and Jeff emphasize the significance of not providing free proof of concept to carriers and being able to say no to ensure a successful implementation.

Key Takeaways

  • A need for a shift from legacy to digital insurance technology.
  • Challenge regulatory constraints to serve customers better.
  • Protect customers using a fresher approach to regulation.
  • The differentiator between dental insurance and other products.
  • How the data-driven approach processes up to 10k claims daily.

Brent and Jeff encourage carriers to take risks to stay competitive and understand the importance of innovation and direct customer relationships.

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