In the intricate world of insurance, claims processing stands as a critical junction where operational costs converge. The laborious tasks of preparing, processing, paying, and adjusting claims consume a significant portion of an insurer’s resources. Surprisingly, a staggering 87% of policyholders admit that their choice to remain loyal to an insurance provider hinges greatly on the quality of their claims experience.

Solution: Benekiva – Optimizing and Enhancing Claims Processing with the Power of “Humanomation”

Enter Benekiva, a transformative solution that reshapes the landscape of claims processing with unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness. In the dynamic intersection of automation and human interaction, Benekiva introduces a harmonious approach we refer to as “Humanomation.”

How Benekiva Addresses the Challenges:

Seamless Workflows for Swift Resolution:
Traditional manual processes often lead to task inefficiencies and lack of transparency. Benekiva’s solution streamlines workflows, ensuring tasks are assigned intelligently, customized to specific business needs, and visually tracked. This automation reduces processing time by up to 50%, resulting in quicker claims resolution and a superior customer experience.
Tailored Customization for Precision:
The demand for personalized services is paramount. With Benekiva, insurance companies can tailor processes to match unique requirements. With customizable workflows, dynamic forms, and rule-based automation, insurers achieve seamless integration with existing systems, optimizing overall efficiency.
Automation and Integration for Speed:
Manual data entry and retrieval are time-consuming and prone to errors. Benekiva’s solution automates these tasks, reducing manual work by 80% and claims processing time by up to 50%. The platform seamlessly integrates with external data sources, enhancing accuracy and efficiency.
Insightful Analytics for Informed Decisions:
The power of advanced analytics cannot be underestimated. With Benekiva, the solution offers real-time insights into claims performance and trends, guiding data-driven decisions that can reduce costs by up to 50%. The result is enhanced claims processes and improved operational efficiency.

Check this infographics out for more information:
Uniting human interaction and automation in insurance
Enhanced Communication for Transparency:
Modern consumers demand digital interactions. Benekiva ensures smooth communication among stakeholders, offering automated notifications, secure messaging, and seamless document sharing. This transparency fosters trust and provides policyholders with a sense of control over their claims.
Compliance and Security for Trust:
Security breaches and non-compliance are looming threats. Benekiva’s solution employs robust data encryption, access controls, and compliance mechanisms, safeguarding customer data and adhering to industry regulations. This results in a secure and compliant environment, instilling confidence among stakeholders.
Conclusion: A Future of Enhanced Claims Processing with Benekiva’s “Humanomation”
Experience the remarkable shift in claims processing efficiency with Benekiva’s transformative solution. By embracing the concept of “Humanomation,” Benekiva harmonizes automation and human interaction to create a superior claims experience. As a tailor-made offering for life and annuity insurance companies, Benekiva not only addresses the challenges of the industry but also sets new standards of excellence. Unlock productivity and profitability in your insurance business by embracing the transformative capabilities of Benekiva’s innovative platform

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