• Updated on January 2, 2024

This on-demand panel features Andrea Iorio, Columnist, MIT Technology Review Brasil; Brent Williams CEO, President & Founder, Benekiva; Effi Fuks-Leichtag Chief Product Officer, NEXT Insurance; and Jackie Morales Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Security Benefit.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Strategic Personalization:

  • Insights into the strategic deployment of personalized experiences.
  • Understanding how personalization contributes to heightened customer satisfaction.

Data Optimization:

  • Leveraging data effectively to enhance customer experiences.
  • Practical examples of successful data utilization strategies.

Transformational Journeys:

  • Real-world experiences shared by industry leaders on their transformative journeys.
  • Lessons learned from organizations that have successfully moved from good to great.

Sector-specific Strategies:

  • Tailored strategies applicable across diverse sectors, including technology, insurance, and finance.
  • Practical applications of the discussed concepts in various industry contexts.

Expert Perspectives:

  • Unique insights from esteemed speakers with diverse backgrounds and expertise.
  • Practical advice and actionable takeaways from seasoned professionals.

Customer Satisfaction Excellence:

  • Understanding the keys to achieving excellence in customer satisfaction.
  • Tips and strategies to implement immediately for measurable improvements.

Business Elevation:

  • How to propel your business to new heights through refined customer experience strategies.
  • Uncovering the secrets to moving beyond adequacy to achieve business excellence.

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